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About Our Company

Fire Fighting Engineering Establishment has been on the front line of Fire Safety industry since the year of 2000, operating in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by employing qualified engineers with over 20 years of experience.

Our Products

Fire Extinguisher

  • Powder Fire Extinguisher

    • Portable
    • Trolly
    • Automatic
  • CO2 Fire Extinguisher

    • Portable
    • Trolly
  • Foam

    • Portable
    • Trolly
    • Automatic

Automatic Fire Suppression System

  • CO2 Extinguishing System
  • FM200 Extinguishing System
  • NOVEC1230 Environmentally friendly Fire Suppression System
  • Kitchen Hood Automatic Extinguishing System

Fire Alarms System

  • Fire Alarm System
  • Conventional Fire Alarm System
  • Addressable Fire Alarm System
  • Fire Alarm Wires & Cables

Fire Sprinkler System & accessories

  • Sprinkler Head
  • Alarm Valve
  • Control Valve
  • Fire Department Connection
  • Inspector Test Valve
  • Pipes & Fitting

Fire Pumps

  • Split Case Centerfugal Fire Pump
  • End Suction Centerfugal Fire Pump
  • Vertical Turbine Fire Pump
  • JOCKEY Fire Pump